Tuesday, June 08, 2010

new tablet! :D

SO, my tablet died yesterday. I mourned it last night, said my goodbyes... and then hopped on out to pick up a brand new Intuos 4!
I've only had it for a few hours, and I've only been playing with it for about one of those hours (couldn't miss the season finale of GLEE after all), but I must say, tis amazing! I love the new design, and I can get such a wider variety of results with the pressure sensitivity on this one than with the older model.
Anyways, I decided just to fix up the character design I'd started a few days ago since I still wasn't all too happy with it, and I still have a ways to go but I feel it's looking a lot more fleshed out :)

more to come! Trust me, with this baby, the sketching shall definitely continue!

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