Thursday, February 27, 2014

Robot & Monster

     This is completely overdue, but I'm thinking it's high time I show some of the work I did for Robot & Monster! These have been on my website for a while now, but just in case you haven't seen them, voila!

One of my favorite assignments! Young Robot is simply adorable!

I'm really digging the hair! Headphones modeled by Stephanie Pate.

Ah, Goon. Beneath that snarly exterior is a fun and colorful guy!

This guy works in the factory with R&M. Gotta love his helmet!

Dame Lady Madame - Writer of High-Society page the "High Falutin Times"

My first character for the show! Also, my first time creating facial blendshapes!

     Working on this show was such an awesome experience! And I'm so proud of what we created! Also, excited to announce that you can now buy the complete series on Amazon!