Thursday, May 24, 2007

Semester's end

Well, the semester is finally over, and I'm sad to say that I don't feel I have much to show for it. I "completed" my tidepool, but am nowhere near satisfied with it (nor do I think I will ever be), but I'm thinking it's beyond fixing... for now.
I'll just hide it away somewhere for a while, then, in a year or so, I'll pull it out and spontaneously know exactly what to do! (I'm hoping that I will be in the know by then).

I shall post the final sketch up here as soon as I'm alive and able. I'm happy with my sketch, at least. Bunny said that it was a strong drawing, but the painting fell short.
I will also be posting my final film (sack pantomime) for 114. I'm mostly satisfied with how that turned out. There are still a few spots that could be smoothed over, but when there's a deadline, there's a deadline!

So, for now, I am done (until summer51 starts in two weeks).. and stress free! well, perhaps the stress-free will have to wait until after grades are posted. But now, I am going to go get the sleep that I so desperately need.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

113 renderings

Posting up my renderings from 113A last semester.
first is the Black and White, and then the second which is the color version (that I am happy to say made it into the Museum of American Illustration in New York.. also, a congrats to Andrea for the win!)