Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Just another quick update with progress on my Kira project. Things are going a bit slower than I'd like, but that's to be expected since I'm only really getting in about 4 hours a day.. I'm nearly done with the model - I just have to model in her boots and gloves and then do an overall pass on the whole thing. Then it's on to UVs. At that point I'll probably render out some turns before taking it into UVs and blendshapes (which will get done eventually! but perhaps not for a while since the next couple of weeks promise to be super busy) Anyways, I'm posting up an image of my progress so far. There aren't any true textures yet. These are just plain ol' lamberts that I'm using as placeholders - just to get an idea of the color scheme :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kira Progress..

Update! I know that it has been forever since I posted - and especially terrible since, in my last post, I announced I would be updating more often. But, life intervenes as such things do, and I was set back for a bit, but I'm back to modeling. I admit I was a bit rusty at first - having just transitioned back to using my Mac after working with a PC for over a year (surprisingly annoying to switch back and forth!) and also because I took a small break - but I'm back into the swing of it and moving full speed once again. I have gotten a bit further in the "Kira" project as mentioned in numerous other posts. She finally has a body! It took me a few days to get thus far, and I basically had to relearn how to sculpt human parts again, and how to model feet altogether (I don't know how I managed to NOT sculpt feet for so long, but there you have it.) As you'll notice, based on the images I've posted below, I am still far from done. I still need to clean up the geo and attach the hands. I also need to figure out her costuming and hair which should take another day or so. After that, it's on to UV's and eventually moving into blendshapes, posing, and lighting for a final image. I may or may not take a stab at texturing after I've completed all else, but that will depend on time. I'm trying to stick to the deadlines I had at Nick - week for model, week for uvs, week for blends. Of course, I'll be adding a bit more time onto that since no one is going to conveniently texture or rig her for me. And then render time will most undoubtably prove to be a major time suck, but I'm hoping to get a portfolio piece from this, so it needs to be perfect! Next on my plate will be something completely different. I feel like I've done too many human female characters lately, so I need to branch out from that. I am thinking I may do a set of characters that can be posed together :) Perhaps the Hippo ballerina and alligator from Fantasia. I haven't really taken a stab at animal characters yet - except in my last few weeks of work, and that went horribly - so I definitely think it will be a good exercise for me. Anyways, enough with the chatter, and on to the images! Just wireframes for now, but more on the way.