Thursday, June 14, 2007

first Maya project... complete!

Okay, for some reason, my final animation refuses to upload on blogger, so that shall have to wait.
also, my first ever MAYA turnaround is WAAAAY too large a file to post up here.
So, all I can really do is post a still image of the object.
I modeled a silver Mickey watch that I've had around for quite some time... so long, in fact, that it doesn't actually run anymore. But, it is cute and shiny, and not horribly complex, sooooo, it made the perfect object to model!

again, this is my first complete project using MAYA, so I still have A LOT to learn... also, I need to learn to do it without so much extra help -__-

the final shot was not quite so yellow...
it was more like this :

Friday, June 01, 2007

current portfolio. well, as current as a portfolio can be in this major.

This will be a super loooooong post.
I'm basically posting all of the pages of the 114 final portfolio. I will, of course, have to create a new one next semester for 115, so this won't be current for very long.
(a few pages look incomplete- my scanner decided to die the day before this was due, so some of the pages I had to go over very carefully by hand... I am also missing a page of lemur sketches that will be added eventually)
(Also, I'm sorry if a few of these pages are still a bit fuzzy. That will be fixed as soon as I get my new computer!)






So, that was my final final. I will also be posting my final animation up here sometime soon. But, I think that's enough posting for one night ^__^