Thursday, July 10, 2008

a whole semester of stuff!

Hello all, long time no post.
I know, I know, it has been more than a month since school let out, so why on earth haven't I posted anything? well, let's just say that I've been having some technical problems lately and the free wireless I'm using on my laptop isn't nearly good enough to allow for heavy image loading... so, finally, I have transferred everything onto the home computer and shall post them now!

firstly, I shall post my school assignments, let's just keep in mind that they still need a bit of tweaking here and there (especially the more recent ones)
we shall go from oldest to newest, I suppose.
the first assignment of the year was to create a kitchen environment based on a few short stories by Gary Soto...

the second assignment was to design a treehouse for the pre-teen boys from the same Soto stories... I'm still working on this one because I do see a lot more possibilities for changing and improving it.. but, for now, this is what my final submission looked like..

and final renders

The third assignment was based around the short story "The Drowned Giant"
now, at first, I really wasn't terribly inspired by this story... but, of course, as soon as I'd finished the assignment, I started to generate some far more interesting ideas that I may or may not follow up on... I'm not really pleased with how these turned out, but I do feel that if I took some more time on this assignment, I could really make some progress..

the final assigment was our character designs and an environment based on our characters... The character design project was about the biggest struggle I had this semester and so I'm not prepared to post it up here...
but I do have the environment, which was of the Donut Shop that my character would frequent. Again, I'm not too proud of this, but, at least I got the pat on the back and insistence from Courtney that I was improving lots... I still have a loooooong way to go though..

that is all for now.. I'll be back to post again within the week with what I've been doing recently (which isn't as much as I'd like...)
but, yes! posting will continue!