Friday, March 19, 2010

So, I'm going to be super busy over the next couple of days, but I wanted to post this up, perhaps get feedback!
This is based on a story I started writing a while back, and while I never got very far with it, I did become attached to the idea of some of the characters. This is Amia and she is a member of the royal guard. I was inspired by Egyptian themes mainly because I envisioned this race as being sun-worshipers and a culture of prestige and tradition. They are a fairly peaceful culture, so their armor is mainly a decoration and symbol of status and wealth. Anyways, before I bore you any further with my descriptions, I'm including the original sketch as well as some initial color comps. Enjoy!

As always, comments are loved!
Hopefully I'll be able to post this weekend's project up sometime next week ;)


Pat Marconett said...

hello Alyssa!
I like the character. I would fix the hands they take away from the drawing. And also I'm not sure if your going for a game character, but I would avoid covering the face for a character. or if its important to the story maybe consider having a version with the face uncovered just to show what she looks like.....Its good that your learning Illustrator. I've been forcing myself to learn it myself the last few months through various freelance jobs, and in the process have gotten more freelance offers.

Alyssa Robbins said...

Hey Pat!
Thanks for the feedback, I'd been considering drawing out a version with the face uncovered - the initial sketch I made was a side view and the helmet made a bit more sense, fortunately in the model it will be a separate piece, so I'll be able to remove it with ease ;)
Learning Illustrator has been rather fun and definitely helpful - I was contacted for 3d freelance, but he saw my vector work and said he might contact me for 2d work as well!
Congrats on the freelance! You're layout work is looking really sharp :)